Halloween Art Show Hacks

How to get the most from your visit to the annual

All Hallow's Art Fest - Halloween Art Show

The following Halloween Hacks and tips are designed to help you to get the most from your Art Show experience.
All full list of artists and show information can be found on the 
Halloween Folk Art Society Website HERE

Traveling to the show

If you are flying in to to attend the All Hallow's Art Fest you can choose between San Francisco International Airport or Oakland International Airport. 
Rental Car pickup is easy at both airports and the town of Petaluma is approximately 45 - 1.5 hours away depending on traffic. 

HALLOWEEN HACK #1  Plan to arrive mid morning or early Friday afternoon. Rush hour traffic can delay your arrival to Petaluma as much as 2 hours.  Enjoy our town!

Where to Stay

The town of Petaluma has a finite amount of lodging available. Click HERE to see a list of lodging options. 

HALLOWEEN HACK #2  Book your hotel early or visit Airbnb or VRBO for great lodging alternatives. 
Nearby towns of Santa Rosa and Sonoma also offer plenty of additional lodging and are only 15 - 20 minutes away. 

Attending the show-Saturday September 23, 2017

Held only once a year, the All Hallow's Art Fest tends to draw a crowd, and for very good reason.  Highly collectible artists and amazing one-of-a-kind art create an exciting and fevered atmosphere during the first few hours of the show.  

HALLOWEEN HACK #3  Show up early.... as the saying goes "you can sleep when you are dead" lining up outside the show several hours early will ensure that you can get to your favorite artists first and get "first pick" if you are so inclined.  

For years, Hermann Sons Hall has lent a historic vibe to this show.  Artists are divided into two rooms; the main hall and the Raven Room. Many artists have lines of "reproductions" which are sold in stores. All of the artwork at this show, however, is original and 

HALLOWEEN HACK #4  The show's brochure and map are handed out at the door. Serious shoppers in the know travel in pairs and study the layout before entering the hall -  often strategizing and splitting up to visit two artist tables at once. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up one-of-a-kind art from some highly collectible artists. 

With over 31 dedicated Halloween Artists and their displays, there is plenty of Halloween inspiration to see and study. The overall atmosphere of this show is absolutely magical and inspiring. 

HALLOWEEN HACK #5  Go with the flow.  It's important to remember that there is more than enough Halloween goodness to go around.  If it wasn't such a good show - there wouldn't be as many people.  Live in the moment and enjoy the festive atmosphere. 

Not only do artists bring their best work to this show, many also spend hours creating unique displays and inspired settings for their art pieces. 

HALLOWEEN HACK #6 Take your time and make several passes through the rooms.  There is so much to see, and new things are often discovered when you take a second look.  Some artists prefer not to have their artwork photographed - always ask before snapping photos of something you like. 

After the first "rush" at opening, the crowd thins out a bit but remains steady throughout the day.  There is more than enough art and collectibles to make showing up mid-morning/late afternoon worth your while.  

HALLOWEEN HACK #7  Have your hand stamped before leaving and you can return to the show at any time.  Beverages and quick snacks can be found in the Raven Room if you need immediate    re-fueling.  Ray's Deli and Tavern, located across the street from the hall, offers coffee and soda as well as alcoholic beverages and a great assortment of deli foods. 

Many All Hallow's artists post images of works in progress as they prepare for the show. Although some popular artists have participated at Hermann Sons hall for over 10 years, new Halloween artists can always discovered at the 
All Hallow's Art Fest.  

Halloween Art Show in Petaluma
Main Hall
HALLOWEEN HACK #8  Join the Halloween Folk Art Society Facebook Group to see sneak peeks of what the artists will be bringing to the show.  Society members may also benefit from life video of the Friday show setup - which will also give shoppers an idea of what to expect on the show floor Saturday morning. 

All Hallow's Art Fest website to see each years artist lineup. The All Hallow's pinterest page HERE and the All Hallow's Instagram page HERE are also filled with images and information about the artists. 

Our artists are just as excited as you are. Don't be shy. . .  take this opportunity to engage with the artists and learn more about them and their work. 

Shoppers enjoy this Kick-Off to the Halloween Season
HALLOWEEN HACK #10  Questions are encouraged. The Halloween Folk Art Society welcomes your questions about the show and it's artists. Email the show promoter HERE.  
The Society is open to all lovers of Halloween and is dedicated to maintaining the high standards and traditions of this much-loved Halloween Art Show.  

We hope you will join us! Visit our website at http:\\www.halloweenfolkartsociety.com