For the love of Halloween

An interview with Halloween Art Show promoter 

and seasonal vendor Stephanie Sherratt

Stephanie Sherratt, a Petaluma native, dedicates herself to producing one of the best Halloween Art and Collectible shows in the West.  
The All Hallow's Art Fest is an annual event in Petaluma, drawing fans from across the country for what many consider to be the kick-off of the Halloween season.  

Held in Historic Hermann Sons Hall, the All Hallow's Art Fest gathers some of the best Halloween artists in the United States.  Coming together each year, these artists take particular care to create and present a magical Halloween wonderland. 

The All Hallow's Art Fest takes place on Saturday, September 23rd at Hermann Sons Hall in Petaluma California - CLICK HERE for more show information. 

We asked Stephanie to take a moment out of her busy Halloween planning schedule to answer a few questions about the show, the artists, and the magic that is All Hallow's Art Fest

Q. This show must be a huge commitment each year, where does your love of Halloween come from?

Stephanie: I would say my "love" of Halloween may be more of an obsession at this point.  Of course, I have fond childhood memories of Halloween and that nostalgia has spilled over into my business -  Paper Fabric Glitter.   I begin working on my wholesale orders and show creations in January. My Halloween paper kits and assemblages are amongst my best sellers. 

Bill & Stephanie Sherratt
The All Hallow's Art Fest takes Halloween to a whole new level!

When I became the show producer, I became completely immersed in Halloween all year!  My husband Bill is very supportive and is never phased by the jack-o-lanterns and black cats that start appearing in January.  Come September, my entire family gets involved, it really does take a village to produce a show like this.  Fortunately, I have great group of friends and family who all lend a hand to make things run smoothly each year.              

Q: How do you select artists for this annual show?

Stephanie: I work with a committee from the 
Halloween Folk Art Society to jury in the best Halloween artists  for the show.  Many artists are crowd favorites and return year after year.  Each year we also try to have new up-and-coming artists.   Part of my job is to make sure we have Halloween Art and Collectibles in a a variety of mediums to keep the show exciting for our fans and collectors. 
Artist David Everett of Chicken Lips

Q. Obviously this annual show is a huge draw for fans of Halloween, can you explain why the fans of this show seem to be so dedicated?

Stephanie: The tradition of a Halloween show in Petaluma is long-standing.  I often hear from fans that they wait all year to attend the show, many times attending with family members or friends and often in elaborate costumes.  The atmosphere in Hermann Sons Hall on show day is electric, it's truly exciting and I think that is part of why people really look forward to this show each year. Many fans have a particular theme or item they collect.  One avid fan has over 200 pieces of owl-themed art that she has collected from the show in Petaluma over the years.  

Artist Sharon Bloom of Sharon Bloom Designs
Q: The displays of Art and collectibles are amazing, how long does it take to get the hall ready for the show?

StephanieArtists start setting up their displays on the Friday before the show. All of the artists take a very professional approach, and most have detailed displays and decorations to accent their art pieces.  By 5 o'clock that night, the entire hall is decorated, ready for Saturday, and it is truly a wonderful sight. 

Q: Why do people collect Halloween Art?

Stephanie:  Store-bought Halloween decorations just don't measure up to the one-of-a-kind art pieces that are offered at the show. 
First-time attendees of the show often comment on the originality of the work and the breathtaking displays.  Halloween Collecting has been around for a long time, but the supply of true vintage Halloween is limited and the demand is high.  The nostalgia and charm of vintage Halloween is often captured by the artists in new work at the show which makes it so popular and collectible.  I think the popularity of Halloween art is one-part love of all things Halloween, and one-part nostalgia for Halloweens past.  
Jorge de Rojas of HoHo Halloween
Q: Some shows offer pre-buy opportunities, is this something you would ever consider?

Stephanie:  This question comes up a lot, as other shows do.  The show in Petaluma has traditionally been a one-day-only event and many collectors and fans travel considerable distances to attend.  I feel that a pre-buy, in this case, would leave some fans disappointed,  and may even dilute the excitement of opening the doors to the show on Saturday morning.   We do give away a limited number of "private viewing" passes, however.  The Friday night private viewing allows fans to see the artists booths before the shopping commences on Saturday.  It's a fun way to mix and mingle with the artists, even though there is no buying or selling allowed at this Friday night event.  We also post heavily on Social Media the night before the show, to give fans and collectors sneak peeks of what to expect once the doors open the next day. Ultimately, this show really is a tradition on Saturday and the fans would like it to stay this way. 

Q: Petaluma seems like a fun town, does the show tie into any other events on the weekend of September 23rd?

Stephanie: Petaluma is my home town, and I love that its convenient location lends itself to so many opportunities for good dining, visiting nearby wineries, or event taking a trip to the coast.  The Sunday following the All Hallows Art Fest is the Fall Petaluma Antique Faire - always a big draw, this antique fair takes place in the heart of Petaluma and there are always fantastic antiques and treasures to be found. Many of the artists from the show can be seen browsing the booths at the antique fair the next morning. 

Q. Do you have any advice for people attending the show for the first time this year?

Stephanie: We have tons of show tips and suggestions on our blog including tips for shopping and attending the show.  I always tell first-timers to  follow their heart when it comes to selecting an art piece or decoration.  If a particular art piece calls to you...BUY IT! because it won't be there when you go back.  That's the thrill of the hunt,  and one of the reasons for the shows popularity!  I also recommend that anyone planning to attend the show join the Halloween Folk Art Society Facebook group.  Joining the Halloween Folk Art Society is a great way to learn more about Halloween collecting and Halloween artists, and to network with other show attendees. 

Stephanie at the Petaluma Antique Faire the day after the show.
"You can never take yourself or life too seriously, and that is why I love Halloween."
To contact Stephanie about the All Hallow's Art Show email her at

Stephanie is also the owner of Paper Fabric Glitter  and produces vintage inspired paper kits, original assemblage, and novelty collections.  

Visit Stephanie and see more of her work at:

Click Here to join the Halloween Folk Art Society Facebook Group

Halloween Art Show Tips for attending

Halloween Art Show 

Tips and Tricks for attending All Hallow's Art Fest

Halloween Art Show California
Petaluma California - An Annual Halloween Tradition
Petaluma California is the home of one of the best Halloween Traditions in California.
Each year, this charming town looks forward to the annual Halloween Art Show

Tucked away in a pretty Petaluma neighborhood, every September, Historic Hermann Sons Hall becomes a glorious gathering of amazing Halloween artists and collectors.  
Halloween Art Show California
Lining up outside of Hermann Sons Hall 
Each year the historic Hermann Sons Hall offers up two show rooms filled to the brim with one-of-a-kind artwork, Halloween Collectibles, and Halloween themed decorating.  

The Raven Room - A deadly parlor filled with delectable Halloween treasures, collectibles,  and one-of-a-kind Halloween art pieces.

The All Hallow's Hall -where the giant, Hermann Sons Hall wedding cake Chandelier presides over a treasure trove filled to bursting with Halloween art, collectibles and needful things. 

Knowing how to navigate the show's two rooms is key to having a successful day.  The following show tips will assist you in making your most of this year's show!

Show Tip #1: Maps locating artists in both rooms are available at the door.

Show Tip #2: : Plan to visit your favorite artists first.  Once inside the show it can be difficult to focus, and it's easy to get side-tracked.  Artists take pride in creating amazing displays to show off their wares and it can be overwhelming for first-time attendees.  Buying from your favorites first allows you time to browse the rest of the show at your leisure.

Show Tip #3: It is not uncommon to make several circuits between the two rooms discovering new and exciting pieces each time - attendees are encouraged to stay for several hours just to soak in the exciting atmosphere and shop each booth repeatedly.  You will be amazed at how many "new discoveries" you make each time you tour the rooms.
Photo courtesy of Sweet B Folk Art

Show Tip #4: First time at the show?  Avoid the initial line and crowds and try shopping at lunch time.  A lull in the activity will allow you time to browse and familiarize yourself with what each artist has to offer.

Show Tip # 5: Artists often give away postcards or creative business cards at their booths.  Collect cards from artists you love.  All Hallow's Art Fest is an annual show,  collecting cards and information from your favorite artists will help you make selections at next-years show.

Show Tip #6: Look for new up-and-coming artists.  Each year several new artists are added to the show list.  Pay close attention to new mediums and art pieces. Adding to your collection before an artist becomes highly collectible is a technique used by many seasoned collectors.

Join the Society Today!
Show Tip #7: Take time to chat with the artists.  Afternoons are a great time to visit with your favorite artist.  Artists love to meet collectors and fans of Halloween.  Learning about the artist behind the work can make favorite collectibles even more special.

Show Tip #8: Join the Halloween Folk Art Society, an online Halloween group dedicated to sharing the magic and mystery of Halloween Art and Collectibles. CLICK HERE to learn more about the society and it's members.

Enter for an opportunity to see the show before the crowds

This year a select number of special guests are invited to visit the show on Friday night for a private viewing of the artists displays and artwork.

Although there is no buying or selling allowed at this special event, it is a great opportunity to experience the magical atmosphere prior to the crowds on show day.

CLICK HERE to Like and Follow our Facebook page and watch for a chance to win a VIP PASS to the Friday Night Private Viewing.

All Hallow's 2017 Collector Postcards

Revive the lost art of sending 

Halloween Postcards

All Hallow's Art Fest artist postcards

Enter to win a complete set of the 

2017 All Hallow's Collector Series Postcards

Rising to the challenge of creating a "modern day Halloween collectible postcard",  This year's All Hallow's artists gave their unique spin to this much loved Halloween Tradition. 

7  of these original postcard renditions have been made into high-quality 3.5" X 5" full color collectible postcards that can be mailed through USPS. 
Halloween Art Show in Petaluma California
Back of a Collector Card

Each card in the 2017 collector series is dated, has a collector serial number, and will be signed by the artists and sold at the upcoming 

The Halloween Folk Art Society is giving away
  four complete signed Collector Series sets. 
Each card in the series will be signed by the artist and numbered. 
There are two ways to win: 

1. CLICK HERE and Like, comment and Share the 2017 collector series post on Facebook 
2. CLICK HERE and Heart, comment and Share the 2017 collectors series post on Instagram with your friends 

Collect them all and start your very own tradition of sending Halloween Postcards to your friends and family.  

Each postcard reflects the unique style and technique of the Artists.  
Like the All Hallow's Art Fest show, these collector cards will become a treasured yearly tradition. 
All Hallows Art Fest Petaluma California
Sepia toned witch and familiar by Yosiell Lorenzo

Halloween Art Show in Petaluma California
Wicked cupcake card by Amelia Schaefer of Sweet B Folk Art

Mixed Media Collage by Stephanie Sherratt of Paper Fabric Glitter

Watercolor Raven by Mandy Palumbo of October Oddities
Halloween Romance by Lori Gutierrez-Hannah

Spooky Characters by Sharon Bloom of Sharon Bloom Designs

Collect all 7 postcards at the All Hallow's Art Fest
Vintage Halloween Horn by Dennis Haynes of Runamuck Studio
Send a sweet Halloween sentiment to a friend on one of these original postcards and make your plans to visit the 
All Hallow's Art Fest on September 23rd! 

Vintage Halloween Postcards

Black Cats, Veggie People, Witches, Pumpkins and Goblins

Vintage Halloween postcards are a fun and affordable Halloween collectible. 

These visual gems can be found at a variety of places including antique stores, estate sales,  and on EBay. We hope you will enjoy a few fun facts about them!

The History of the Halloween Card~

Ebay listing for three vintage Halloween Cards
Halloween postcards were first printed in the mid-1800's. Most cards were printed between the late 1800s and the 1920s in countries like England, the United States, and Germany.

The most highly collected Halloween postcards were published by John O. Winsch of New York  sometime between the years of 1911 and 1915. Beautifully embossed with rich colors, Winsch  sent his cards to Germany to be printed. Rare and highly prized postcards are signed by the artists. 

With a nod to Halloween's Pagan holiday roots, many collectible cards feature anthropomorphic veggie men and pumpkin heads.
Halloween Veggie Men

A great majority of cards also depict fall scenes which draws a direct comparison between the modern holiday and its roots in agriculture.

As the holiday evolved over the years, more themes eventually established themselves in Halloween cards, costumes and decorations. Masks and spooky costumes began to gain popularity as children set out to frighten away the ghoulish spirits rumored to wander the streets on Halloween night. Soon after, trick-or-treating became customary, and some of the earliest Halloween cards were inscribed with the phrase, "Trick-or-Treat!"

Today, original Halloween cards have become classic collectors items. Cards can be picked up for as little as $2 and $3 each at thrift stores and estate sales. Highly prized Halloween postcards can be purchased on Ebay with bids sometimes exceeding $300.

Although these delightful Halloween postcards have been replaced with modern greeting cards, Halloween still remains one of the largest card sending occasions in America with approximately
30 million Halloween cards sent each year.

Join the Halloween Folk Art Society Facebook Group to learn more about Halloween Collecting, Vintage Halloween, and Halloween Art
 An example of a collection from All Hallow's Art Fest vendor Paper Fabric Glitter