All Hallow's 2017 Collector Postcards

Revive the lost art of sending 

Halloween Postcards

All Hallow's Art Fest artist postcards

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2017 All Hallow's Collector Series Postcards

Rising to the challenge of creating a "modern day Halloween collectible postcard",  This year's All Hallow's artists gave their unique spin to this much loved Halloween Tradition. 

7  of these original postcard renditions have been made into high-quality 3.5" X 5" full color collectible postcards that can be mailed through USPS. 
Halloween Art Show in Petaluma California
Back of a Collector Card

Each card in the 2017 collector series is dated, has a collector serial number, and will be signed by the artists and sold at the upcoming 

The Halloween Folk Art Society is giving away
  four complete signed Collector Series sets. 
Each card in the series will be signed by the artist and numbered. 
There are two ways to win: 

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Collect them all and start your very own tradition of sending Halloween Postcards to your friends and family.  

Each postcard reflects the unique style and technique of the Artists.  
Like the All Hallow's Art Fest show, these collector cards will become a treasured yearly tradition. 
All Hallows Art Fest Petaluma California
Sepia toned witch and familiar by Yosiell Lorenzo

Halloween Art Show in Petaluma California
Wicked cupcake card by Amelia Schaefer of Sweet B Folk Art

Mixed Media Collage by Stephanie Sherratt of Paper Fabric Glitter

Watercolor Raven by Mandy Palumbo of October Oddities
Halloween Romance by Lori Gutierrez-Hannah

Spooky Characters by Sharon Bloom of Sharon Bloom Designs

Collect all 7 postcards at the All Hallow's Art Fest
Vintage Halloween Horn by Dennis Haynes of Runamuck Studio
Send a sweet Halloween sentiment to a friend on one of these original postcards and make your plans to visit the 
All Hallow's Art Fest on September 23rd!